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The titular publisher of the showescort.com service does not have any the advertisers' relation if not the written authorization from leaves of the sames which is freely proposed to the publication of the announcement by the advertiser, therefore no responsibility will be able to be made avail towards the titular publisher of the service, that lodges such advertisements in relation to the publishedannouncements or to possible consequences, damages to things and/or people, which come.Announcements are not accepted with references to sexual performances to payment, favouring of the prostitution, pedofilia, violence o any other illegal content. The showescort.com shopkeeper any responsibility is not taken, it does not have commissions or relationships with the/the advertisers/the and he will arrange for the removal of the announcement where be discovered an abuse or illicit. The site does not have purposes of favouring of illegal activities, but equal to the magazines and the available newspapers of all respect is completely only an announcement notice board in kiosk, accessible to whoever and containing announcements with analogous text.

Entering this site, to the senses of It Reads On The Author Right, prohibition to use is expressly done:
1. data and information contained in this site without the mention "Copyright 2007 www.showescort.com"
2. photographic representations contained in this site without the mention "Copyright 2007 www.showescort.com"

Other uses of the above-mentioned material and in particular are forbiddens to promotional or commercial ends. Every violation of the above mentioned provisions he will straight give the holder of the site to act in the competent places of business for the tutelage of his rights.Stays understood that advertisements will not be accepted what, in everything or partly, they represent a violation to rules of law with particular reference to those mails to tutelage of the public order and the shopkeeper reserves for himself to signal the competent authorities all the attempts turned to use the pages managed by it to pursue illicit purposes.


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